Frustrated with Fivetran Support?

Are You Struggling with Fivetran’s Support? Discover why Upsolver’s customers love our support team.

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Frustrated with Fivetran Support?

Poor support can hold you back from achieving your targets. At Upsolver, we understand that reliable support is crucial for data pipelines. If you’re facing challenges with Fivetran’s support responsiveness and escalating costs, Upsolver offers a better alternative.

Why Choose Upsolver Over Fivetran?

Prompt and Reliable Support

At Upsolver, we pride ourselves on our exceptional support team. Our support is always prompt and dedicated to resolving your issues quickly. We understand the importance of your data operations and ensure you have the support you need, when you need it.


Cost-Effective Pricing

Upsolver offers a predictable, volume-based pricing model that is significantly cheaper than Fivetran’s. Our pricing starts at just $225/TB per month, making it easier for you to manage costs without compromising on performance. In fact, our customers save over 76% compared to Fivetran for high-volume CDC and streaming data movements.

Scalable CDC Solutions

For high-volume Change Data Capture (CDC) workloads, Upsolver leverages the open-source Apache Debezium core engine. Our solution scales seamlessly without requiring additional tools or incurring extra costs.


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A single platform for developers to ingest, transform and load streaming and historical data

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