How to manage schema evolution with Upsolver’s schema-on-read

Determining the schema and profile of your data sources can be very time-consuming. A very powerful feature of Upsolver is its ability to infer a schema for you based on the source data, even with nested, semi-structured data. Having named fields with types automatically generated rapidly accelerates the time it takes to build your pipeline. Upsolver also automatically generates statistics about each field to help you with data modeling.

As important, Upsolver can manage schema evolution for you. This is the case where your source data has evolved over time by adding, changing, or removing fields.

In this short interactive demo, we illustrate how Upsolver will first, automatically generate a schema for you based on your source data and then allow you to easily update the output table as the schema evolves. Upsolver will manage either altering the existing output table for you or allow you to create a new table based on the changes in your source schema.

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