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Customer Operations Specialist

Tel Aviv, Israel

At Upsolver, We’re building the next generation of Big Data management layer to help the world’s greatest companies manage their cloud-based file system, inlet, and output data channels.

Our mission is to hide all the complexity which is involved in Big Data management in Data Lakes. A developer can now use SQL to query information stream coming from Kafka, for example, or prepare it to an ad-hoc query engine *without writing a single line of code*, and without managing anything in production.

Cool, isn't it? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could join us in our journey?

Our client base is growing rapidly and so is our Customer Operations team! We aim to scale and enhance the experience of our clients and for that, we are looking for an enthusiast Customer Operations Specialist to help us manage our clients based on data and automated processes. 

As Upsolver Customer Operations Specialist, you'll work closely with customers and the engineering team to solve any technical challenges. You will become knowledgeable about the customers’ user journey to make it more efficient and organized while achieving the Customer Operations goals. You will also oversee every code release and implement systems to improve the efficiency of the team.

What Will You Do

  • Work very closely with our top customers to make sure that they gain value and value-realization from our product and are satisfied with the overall service we provide.
  • Be the focal point for any technical-related matter, and progress and own the outcome until fulfillment according to customer's needs.
  • Be part of the customer's onboarding process and assist them with ongoing usage.
  • Partner with sales on accounts planning and proactively identify technical opportunities for expansion.
  • Define timelines, milestones and success criteria, while ensuring that they are successfully achieved.
  • Advocate internally for customer needs – be the technical voice of the customer within Upsolver.

What Will You Need

  • 3+ years of experience as a Technical Support specialist/ data analyst/ Technical Customer Success Engineer.
  • Leading E2E, customer-facing activities with technical executives in Global customers.
  • Excellent customer facing skills: training, coaching, discussion management, conflict resolution, and ability to creatively explain and present complex concepts in an easy to understand manner
  • Domain experience in any of the following areas: SaaS services, Cloud Solutions (AWS/Azure/GCP), Log Management and Log Analysis, Big Data (from a data management perspective), Business Intelligence/Web Analytics, Operational Intelligence, Threat Analysis.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English, as well as business and technical acumen.
  • Positive, self-starter attitude with absolute willingness to go the extra mile and exceed expectations
  • Drive and excitement for a dynamic, fast-paced environment
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks in a short time and adhere to tight schedules
    Detail-oriented, precise
  • Strong critical thinking/ analytical skills with an entrepreneurial and proactive mind-set
  • Technical hands-on experience and willingness to participate in on-call shifts.
  • Team-player, with the ability to work effectively independently


Our mission is to turn cost-effective cloud data lakes into easy-to-use repositories for all data practitioners, by eliminating the lake’s notorious engineering complexity. Upsolver cuts up to 95% from the tedious process of preparing event data for analytics and machine learning. Upsolver uses a visual SQL-based interface, a cloud-native data platform, and deep technology for stream-processing, indexing, and eventually-consistent file systems.

Upsolver is already serving data-driven customers around the world, processing hundreds of petabytes every month. Upsolver’s platform is recommended repeatedly by AWS for its outstanding ease-of-use, for even the most ambitious use cases, and it’s the only officially recommended partner for the AWS Athena service. We are a small, highly results-oriented team with deep technical expertise who love to simplify and scale data infrastructure.


Upsolver Values

Treat the company like it’s yours and earn the customer’s trust; while we must work together as one team, we value integrity first by treating our co-workers, customers, and partners like we would like to be treated ourselves. We obsessively listen to our customers and our teammates to truly understand. We believe in creating the best technology for big data. For us, this means always insisting on the best possible processing performance, the lowest possible infrastructure cost, elasticity, and flexibility to support any possible processing use case. We achieve this by simplifying and inventing solutions that are an order of magnitude easier compared to what our customers currently use. Finally, we value communicating fearlessly by disagreeing and committing. Harmony can be the enemy of excellence and quality. We believe in challenging decisions and deliverables when we disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or difficult. We expect our team to be tenacious and not to compromise for the sake of social cohesion. Once a decision is settled, commit wholly.

The Team

Our engineering team is at the core of our products and connected directly to the mission of providing productivity tools for data lakes. We are constantly innovating — challenging the way we, and the industry, think about optimizing data ETL workflows. Our engineers build products to solve problems no one has pursued before. We define the industry instead of waiting for directions. We need individuals who feel comfortable in ambiguity, and enjoy challenges.



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