Your Data At The Ready with Upsolver, MariaDB, and AWS

Businesses increasingly need data at their fingertips to remain competitive. From managers analyzing datasets to developers building applications, knowledge workers in organizations must get data quickly, and for that they need a database on the cloud they can use for both transactional and analytical purposes. With the trifecta of Amazon Web Services (AWS), MariaDB, and Upsolver, customers can ensure all relevant data is secure, available, and ready for use across all business processes and applications in their AWS infrastructure.

Together, MariaDB and Upsolver reduce the time and effort required for businesses to create operational databases for cloud business apps and ensure that the data is consistent, fresh, and useful. Our joint solution provides scalable, secure, reliable databases-as-a-service that power near real-time change-data-capture (CDC)-based data replication. We reduce the complexity and lower the costs of deploying data-driven customer-facing applications on AWS. 

Customers get the benefits of a highly scalable hybrid environment spanning AWS and their on-premises infrastructure. Upsolver reduces the data engineering required to build and maintain the customer’s replication pipeline, delivering data at speed and scale to and from MariaDB’s open source, secure, self-healing, automated, and scalable database-as-a-service (DBaaS) in the cloud.

Upsolver’s data pipeline solution is perfect for modern cloud architectures like AWS since it’s a highly bandwidth-efficient way to move data across a wide area network (WAN).  It also conserves source database resources by using the MariaDB binlog (as opposed to database scans) to monitor changes.  Data practitioners can use familiar SQL syntax to blend data from their operational systems with semi-structured interaction data as a streaming pipeline that outputs prepared datasets for downstream use.  The usual plumbing such as orchestration and file system management – that is, the majority of pipeline engineering – is automated, meaning these pipelines get built quickly by any SQL-savvy data practitioner, and are more reliable in operation.

MariaDB SkySQL offers customers versatility to support transactional, analytical, and hybrid workloads as well as relational, JSON, and hybrid models in a single solution, thereby reducing cost and complexity. Customers can scale to grow from standalone databases and data warehouses to fully distributed SQL to execute millions of transactions per second and perform interactive ad hoc analytics. They can manage cost with horizontal scaling and remove complexity – there is no need to rewrite an application for sharding. 

With the joint Upsolver-MariaDB solution, AWS customers can concentrate on creating game-changing customer-facing apps based on reliable real-time data both throughout and beyond their organization.

To learn more about how you can quickly get scale and value out of your data, join our webinar to learn more and see MariaDB, AWS and Upsolver in action.

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Jerry Franklin
Jerry Franklin

Jerry is a senior content manager at Upsolver. He has over 20 years of experience developing technical content for SaaS companies, and has worked as a technical writer at Box, SugarSync, and Navis. Connect with Jerry on LinkedIn

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