Upsolver Named Data Movement Partner by PuppyGraph

Upsolver proudly announces its partnership with PuppyGraph as their designated data movement partner. Following the exciting news from PuppyGraph that they have landed seed funding, Upsolver and PuppyGraph have joined forces to deliver an end-to-end solution for data engineers looking to ingest and graph their high-scale data.

Upsolver excels in handling high-volume, streaming data, making it the go-to solution for ingesting data into data lakes and lakehouses. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, Upsolver enables data engineers to build complex data pipelines. 

Customers benefit from automatic schema evolution, reliable, strongly-ordered and exactly-once data. With the ability to apply in-flight data quality expectations, Upsolver prevents bad data from entering the target lakehouse or warehouse.

PuppyGraph eliminates the need to buy or build a specialist graph database by allowing users to query the data lake or warehouse directly. Its power lies in its ability to transform existing relational data stores into unified graph models. With a capacity to scale petabytes of data and execute complex 10-hop queries in just seconds, PuppyGraph is ideal for LLMs, fraud detection, or cybersecurity use cases. 

One key highlight of this partnership is Upsolver’s enhanced support for Apache Iceberg. After creating a pipeline, Upsolver automatically manages the tables by running a compaction process based on industry best-practice. 

Compaction operations are run at the optimal time to deliver the best results and, by reducing the size of tables and the number of files, customers save money on storage and benefit from faster data scans. 

This partnership between Upsolver and PuppyGraph is a game-changer for organizations wanting an easy and cost-effective solution for high-scale data movement and graph analytics. By combining Upsolver’s expertise in high-scale data ingestion with PuppyGraph’s advanced graphing capabilities, this collaboration paves the way for faster visual data insights.

Get Started with Upsolver and PuppyGraph

Specializing in high-scale data ingestion, Upsolver is ideal for PuppyGraph customers with streaming data requiring robust and reliable delivery. The first step is to ingest your data, so why not schedule a no-strings-attached demo with one of our Solutions Architects, or get started by building your first pipeline with our 14 day free trial

Upsolver’s zero-ETL wizard will have your data streaming within minutes, so the next step is to head over to the PuppyGraph website to book a demo, or start your free trial.

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Upsolver Team
Upsolver Team

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