Transformation Tuesday

Today, I’m delighted to introduce Upsolver Transformation Tuesday.

You may ask – Upsolver Transformation Tuesday, what is it? In an effort to provide you with a better understanding of our features, we’re releasing a series of technical videos, blogs and papers every Tuesday. The new content is designed to help you start deriving valuable insights from your cloud data lakes immediately.

YUP (our mascot) and I are going to be your sherpas on this quest. We know you’re busy, so we’ve made our videos very short. This allows you to choose your own adventure with Upsolver.

We’re kicking off our first Transformation Tuesday with three mini videos. Keep in mind that signing up for Upsolver is free with no-strings attached. You can also request a fully-funded PoC. Today’s videos are:

We’re also providing a set of short and concisely-written guides to help you quick start if you would like to work at your own pace.

I hope Upsolver Transformation Tuesday assists you in making your data more effective and impactful to your business. We announced our $13M funding last week to help eliminate the high engineering overhead of operating cloud data lakes.

I would love to hear from you. What would you like to see next Tuesday? Which additional features would you like added to Upslover? What can we do better? Send me a note here. I’m listening and will respond to each of your comments.

Happy Upsolving!


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