Integrate Upsolver with Git for Carefree Change Management and Review

Today we’ve got some great news for organizations that have multiple users working on Upsolver, or anyone who likes to fiddle with the system and make frequent changes to data sources, output streams, aggregations or other features. Thanks to Upsolver’s new built-in Git integration you can have multiple users fiddling away, safe in the knowledge that all your work will be securely stored and easily recoverable in your Git repository.

In case you missed all the neat features we released last month, you should totally check them out here. Not using Upsolver yet? Get a free trial here, or contact us to extend your existing trial license.

What is it?

With just a few clicks, you can create an integration between Upsolver and a Git repository of your choice. All Upsolver configurations, objects and metadata will be synced to your repository in real-time.

What is it good for?

Large-scale Upsolver deployments are often used for several streaming data use cases and managed by different users, often in different departments or regions – for example, data might be sent to Athena output for ad-hoc querying by data scientists, along with a seperate output that is writing data to Redshift for BI reporting. Even the same use case can evolve over time as queries and data sources are updated.

Frequent changes create issues around governance, control and change management, resulting in a need for stronger auditing, backup and recovery. Since the vast majority of our users are already using Git to store their work, combining the two was a no-brainer.

Using this feature will enable you to:

  • Audit configuration and metadata changes
  • Easily recover the system to a previous state
  • Implement a higher level of control and change management
  • Quickly review work done by others on a specific feature

Getting started

Integrating Upsolver with your Git repository could not be easier. Simply click on your name on the top-right corner of the screen and select “GIT INTEGRATION” in the dropdown menu, and follow the instructions there.

Visit the documentation to learn more


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Eran Levy
Eran Levy

As an SEO expert and content writer at Upsolver, Eran brings a wealth of knowledge from his ten-year career in the data industry. Throughout his professional journey, he has held pivotal positions at Sisense, Adaptavist, and Eran's written work has been showcased on well-respected platforms, including Dzone, Smart Data Collective, and Amazon Web Services' big data blog. Connect with Eran on LinkedIn

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