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Volcano™ Technology

In Memory Computing On Jet Fuel

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10x more data in RAM

90%-95% compression rate
Read without opening the compression
10x compression speed acceleration

10x faster than Spark

6x faster than Avro/Parquet writers
1 millisecond queries from S3
Streaming, not micro-batches

10x faster than Spark

Headless architecture - scales to 1000s of nodes
Utilizing AWS Spot instances
Auto managed data lake on S3
Fault tolerant - no risk of data loss

Streaming First

  • Multiple streaming Aggregation functions
  • Nested aggregations
  • Sliding time windows at any size
  • Accurate count distinct in real-time and at scale

Data Sources

Architecture Comparison

With Upsolver

  • No coding or ETL bottlenecks
  • No IT overhead
  • Low storage costs using S3
  • One click to replay data from S3

Upsolver Architecture

Without Upsolver

  • Lengthy processes & pre-planning
  • Multiple products and integrations
  • ETL and data engineering are a bottleneck
  • Replaying historical data is very hard
  • High storage costs in databases

Spark / Hadoop Architecture

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