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Analyze Raw Google Analytics Data on AWS

Effortlessly move all of your hit-level Google Analytics data to Amazon S3 and enable ad-hoc analytics and reporting with the tools you already use.

100% data retention: unsampled hits, users and sessions

Leverage your existing AWS stack: Athena, Redshift, RDS

60-70% lower costs compared to Analytics 360

Google Analytics is an excellent standalone reporting tool. However, it has limitations around multi-dimensional analysis and data sampling, and does not offer an easy way of combining the click stream it generates with external sources. This creates issues when working with higher data volumes or more complex analytical requirements.

Upsolver solves this challenge by making it simple and straightforward to work with Google Analytics data in AWS. The platform automatically extracts raw Google Analytics data (hit-level), stores it on S3 according to data lake best practices, and then makes the data instantly available in Amazon Athena - using built-in table templates or custom user-defined tables.

Key Features

Implemented using a visual interface / SQL, replacing the need to code Hadoop / Spark ETLs

Hit-level data extracted from Google Analytics without relying on temporary and fragile workarounds

Writes raw Google Analytics data to S3, enabling analytics, reporting and data science

Out-of-the-box data transformation templates, turning the raw Google Analytics data to tables that can be queried via SQL

Compaction process (re-writes the data) that runs in the background and optimizes data storage resulting in queries running up to 100X faster


Discover how Upsolver can unlock the value of your streaming data.

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