Introducing Upsolver SQLake

Build Pipelines. Not DAGs.

Pipelines that deliver fresh, quality data for analytics and operations are badly needed but very hard to engineer. The key reason is that they require manual pipeline orchestration with Apache Airflow, which is difficult to program when data is arriving continuously.

Upsolver SQLake is a data pipeline platform that eliminates orchestration so you can build pipelines simply by writing a SQL query – no more DAGs. Plus, it is the only platform to merge batch and streaming data into a single pipeline.

Join this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Unify batch and stream processing into a single platform
  • Eliminate the heavy lifting of manual orchestration (DAGs)
  • Give data users a self-service SQL-only way to build pipelines 
  • Avoid “sticker shock” through pricing based solely on data ingested


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