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Unlock Complex and Streaming Data with Declarative Data Pipelines

Companies are constantly looking for ways to extract value from their modern data – be it clickstreams, logs, IoT telemetry or something else. But building data pipelines that transform complex and streaming data is difficult and time-consuming, especially while striving to meet requirements for performance, reliability and cost.

This free O’Reilly report gives data engineers and data managers a primer on the causes of this complexity, an education on new techniques being employed to address these problems, and advice on which approach to take for each use case, so that both internal users and customers have their analytics needs met.


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  • How complex and streaming data, and new data management systems required to deal with them, has made engineering of data pipelines extremely difficult.
  • Unpack PipelineOps, the tedious but necessary manual tasks that constitute 90% of the effort for building pipelines for modern data.
  • See how declarative data pipelines plus other new technologies and architecture patterns address these complexities.
  • Compare five common approaches for building modern data pipelines.
  • Assess how to best modernize your data pipelines and maximize the analytics value of your modern data.
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