Immersion Day with AWS in San Francisco

3 Ways to Build Streaming Data Ingestion for Snowflake and Redshift with Upsolver and dbt

2 pm – 5 pm PST, Wednesday, June 6

Hosted by Upsolver & Amazon Web Services at
475 Sansome St., 10th floor
San Francisco, CA 94111

Do you need to move complex, semi-structured and streaming data into your cloud data warehouse but find it difficult to efficiently build pipelines that meet latency, quality and cost requirements?
At this in-person, hands-on Immersion Day, you’ll configure and kick off ingestion jobs on modern data types, and then create dbt incremental models so that your data is analytics-ready the moment it lands in Snowflake or Redshift.
Join this in-person, hands-on workshop with AWS and Upsolver to:

  • Dig into the technical challenges of ingesting complex and streaming data, including freshness, strong ordering, and exactly once delivery.
  • Discuss root causes of common data quality issues and assess common approaches to dealing with these issues.
  • Learn how to deliver data quality, observability and remediation at the point of data ingestion.
  • Build an observable Kafka-to-Snowflake ingestion pipeline with quality checks and cleansing operations for inline remediation.
  • Leverage Upsolver’s dbt integration to kick off ingestion jobs and land analytics-ready data to Snowflake and Redshift
    Use Upsolver’s real-time data observability features to detect and deal with schema evolution and data drift on-the-fly.
  • Use Upsolver’s observability features to detect and deal with schema evolution and data drift.
  • Get a sneak peek into Upsolver’s roadmap including dbt integration and Iceberg support.

Enjoy cocktails on Upsolver after the event. Pizza and snacks will be available during the workshop.

Space is limited. Save your seat today!


About Upsolver
Upsolver is the only data ingestion platform for Snowflake that guarantees on time, exactly once, strongly ordered data at scale. With data quality and observability built-in, Upsolver makes it dead easy to deliver trustworthy data from Kafka, Kinesis, S3, and databases to Snowflake on AWS.

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