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Enjoy the cost savings and shared access of a cloud-native lakehouse, without the engineering pain.

27 Trillion rows


50 PB


35 GB / sec

peak throughput

Open data from ingestion to query

Warehouse-like capabilities and performance without vendor lock-in or complex engineering workflows

Your teams enjoy shared access to synchronized data from live sources in their analytics and ML targets, from their tool of choice. In the background, we run optimizations and cleanup to keep your costs down.

Build, monitor & share

Empower every part of your business with up to the minute data

Easily ingest data from operational stores, streams, and files into the warehouse and open Iceberg lakehouse. Then transform, observe, and manage your unified data from the control center.

Zero-ETL ingest
data at scale

Transform with declarative SQL

Observe metrics
in real-time

Share with the
open ecosystem

We'll take care of performance

With continuous analysis and opportunistic optimization of your data movement jobs and lakehouse tables.

Unified data
Unified dev experience

Upsolver matches your development style and gives you the tools you need to ensure quality, on-time data.

Designed and priced for scale

Upsolver charges by data volume. Competitor charges by ‘active rows’.
This key difference drives order-of-magnitude savings when data volumes scale

upsolver designed and priced for scale

Empowering the next generation
of data developers

From startups to enterprises


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