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Senior Software Engineer

Tel Aviv

Upsolver for Data Lakes is what Oracle was for tables management: We create the next generation of Big Data management layer.

Upsolver develops a platform that manages the entire cloud-based file system, inlet and output data channels.
Simply put, when you need to deal with a vast amount of data, you need to stream it into cloud storage, re-format it, enrich it for queries and analytics, optimize it, archive it, and do it for any data source, data format, and for any query engine.
This requires a lot of coding and then monitoring in production. For a developer or a data team, this is a lot of overhead.
Upsolver hides all this complexity. A developer can now use SQL to query information stream coming from Kafka, for example, or prepare it to an ad-hoc query engine like Presto, *without writing a single line of code*, and without managing anything in production.

Cool, isn’t it?

With the great simplification for the customer, behind the scenes, we develop a real-time cloud-based file system management layer for big data environments.
Upsolver has top-notch engineering team which redefines the way data lakes manage the flow and of unstructured data.
If you want to work among the best developers who write a real-time, non-relational, data management layer, and you think you can scale up, we want you.
Upsolver is very well funded and serve dozens of customers in production. Some of these customers are Sisense, Proofpoint, IronSource AppsFlyer and Wix, and it is the only partner Amazon recommends for Amazon Athena (

If you want to:

  • Work with a small and highly capable team.
  • Enable developers, DBAs and Data Engineers to use our powerful data engine.
  • Design and build the next generation of cloud-based service.
  • Deploy features every day.
  • Have a major impact on the product you work on.

And you have all of these qualities:

  • 3+ years experience in server-side development in Java / Scala / C# / Python / Go Other similar languages.
  • Experience in building modern, reliable, and scalable web services, APIs from the ground up, including design and hands-on development.
  • Take responsibility for the code you wrote, and for the code you didn’t.
  • Strive to do the best work you can.
  • Focus – know what’s important and what’s less.
  • Team player – put your teammates before your tasks.

Upsolver embraces diversity. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, citizenship, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.


More about us:

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